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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Impact of two merger stocks

How does a merger affect R

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> stock_tcs<-Quandl("NSE/TCS",state_date='2012-02-02')

Remove unwanted column

> stock_tcs<-Quandl("NSE/TCS",state_date='2012-02-02')[,c("Date","Close")]

> View(stock_tcs)


> mergeData<-merge(stock_tcs,stock_infosys,by.x="Date",by.y = "Date")

> View(mergeData)

How to merge two data R?

> mergeData<-merge(stock_tcs,stock_infosys,by.x="Date",by.y = "Date")[,c("Date","Close.x","Close.y")]

How to change name two data R


How to plot two merge data.

> ggplot(mergeData,aes(x=mergeData$Date))+geom_line(aes(y=mergeData$tcs_Close),col='red')+geom_line(aes(y=mergeData$infosys_Close),col="black")+xlab("Closed Date")+ylab("Closed Rates")

Black-Scholes formula-R

 Black-Scholes formula-R > BlackScholes <- function(TypeFlag = c("c", "p"), S, X, Time, r, b, sigma) { TypeFla...