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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Statistics and others

Statistics and the state

In an Anderson x The rolling things and Chief have relied heavily on statistics in farming suitable military and physical policies. DJ statistics help in farming suitable policies.all ministries and department of government whether they be finance transports, defence, railway, commerce, posts and others industries.the transport department cannot solve the problem of transport in Delhi unless it knows how many buses are operating at present what is the total requirement and therefore, how many e additional bases be added to the existing fleet.
Statistics and economics

Statistics and business
The higher the degree of accuracy of a businessman estimators the greater is the success attending on his business.Business activities can be grouped under the different heads.
Market and product research
Quality control.
Statistics and economics
statical data and statical method are of immense help in the proper understanding of the economic problems and in the formulation of economic policies
What to produce
How to produce
For whom to produce 
these are questions that need a lot of statical data in the absence of which it is not possible to arrive at correct decision. Statistics production help in adjusting the supply to demand.
Statistics and physical science
Static techniques have provided to be extremely useful in the study of all natural sciences like astronomy biology medicine logi zoology botany etc. Example one has to really heavily on statics in conducting experiments about the plant effect of temperatures type of soil etc.

Statistics and research

statical method effect research in medicine and public health. There is a hardly any research work today that one can find complete without statical data and statical method
Also it is impossible to understand the meaning and implication of most of the research finding in various discipline of knowledge without having at least a speaking acquaintance with the subject of statistics.

Black-Scholes formula-R

 Black-Scholes formula-R > BlackScholes <- function(TypeFlag = c("c", "p"), S, X, Time, r, b, sigma) { TypeFla...